Set up for Leefine 4G kids watch


4G models only


Features on Watch


  • You can make a video or phone call in Contact, Send voice or sticker messages in Chat. Note that only the phone can send text messages to the watch.

Change wallpaper:

  • Long press the home page of the watch. Swipe right to look up wallpapers the watch has. And you can click on the that wallpaper you are looking in to change the wallpaper of the watch.

Change icons style:

  • Turn on the screen, tap in Settings of the watch, scroll down the screen to find the Theme option, tap in, select a style to change.


  • Tap in Camera to take a photo. You can click on the icon in the left button to check the photo as shortcut.


  • Tap in to check the photo. You can tap in a photo to zoom in, long press a photo to delete (left button of the icon) or upload to App (right button of the icon). You can also select multiple photos to delete or upload by: 1. Long press a photo. 2. Select others you wanted.


  • Click the leftmost icon (A circle with red dots) to record. Click the rightmost icon (Three lines) to check the record (Long press a record to Delete, check File path, Rename). You can turn off the screen to record. While recording, click the leftmost icon to pause or continue, click the rightmost icon to stop the recording (You can save the recording by click on OK).

  • You cannot use the Back key to return to the home screen while recording.

Change Language/TimeZone

  • Turn on the screen, tap in Settings of the watch, scroll down the screen to find the option.


  • You can set Alarm, Stopwatch, Timer in Clock. When you set the time, slide your finger on the watch gently up and down to select the specify time.

Important tips:

1. Watch and Accessories: After receiving the gift box, please open and check, inside the box you will find the watch, instruction manual, charging cable, TP protective film, and screwdriver kit (Which help you open the SIM Card cover, and it’s no need for some certain models), etc.
2. Register Account: If your mobile phone number related to Google or Facebook account has been used to register Leefine account, then you can’t log in via Google or Facebook anymore, you should then try to log in with your previous Leefine account you applied before. Or you can contact us through the developer email address of App store to delete account.
3. SIM Card and network: Pay attention to left top corner of the watch’s home page, if voice signal and “4G” data signal appear, it indicates that the network is connected. A QR code will appear on the watch, this first QR code is for to download App (If you haven’t downloaded the App yet, please scan and download the App by your phone). Swipe left, the 2nd QR code (Binding Code) is for to bind the watch with App (And you can also find it on the back of the watch). Watch is a little slow to connect to the Internet for the first time, please wait patiently for one to two minutes.
4. Bind the Watch: If you have more than one watch bound to the App, please refer to the profile icon at the top right corner of settings page, click the icon you can manage watch list.
5. Admin Account: The first account who bind the watch is considered as admin account. It can’t be shifted to other users unless admin account unbinds the watch. Admin account has access to all the functions in App, while other accounts only has access to part of the functions.

There are some video guides for the user FAQ:

How to update admin information

How to set APN to your watch

How to send SOS on watch

How to reset your watch

How to delete contacts

How to connect Wi-Fi to your watch

How to add contacts to watch

How to communicate between watches